About one month after being discharged from the hospital, your child and family will visit our Neurocritical Care Follow-up Program (NCFP) outpatient clinic on the second floor of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. In addition to in-person visits, we now offer video or phone telehealth visits for some patients. The NCFP team will let you know if a telehealth visit is an option for your child.

You’ll be asked to complete a screening questionnaire electronically before the visit. Or you may complete the questionnaire in person on the day of your visit. 

During the visit, you and your child will meet with a doctor who specializes in neurocritical care follow-up. The doctor will do a specialized assessment and exam to see if your child has any of the following issues:

  • Physical and developmental changes
  • Sleep concerns
  • Attention and behavioral changes
  • School and community transitions
  • Depression, anxiety or other mood changes

For children newborn to age 3 years: The doctor will assess your child’s development. This includes checking your child’s movement, hearing, vision and communication skills. If you have any developmental concerns or the doctor identifies any developmental weaknesses, our team will refer you to a doctor, therapist or other professional who can help.  

For children over age 3: You will meet with the NCFP neuropsychologist (a psychologist who specializes in the connection between the brain and behavior) if your child is able to participate in neuropsychology testing and has not completed neuropsychology testing after their recent illness or injury. The NCFP neuropsychologist will give you a detailed assessment of your child’s cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, thinking speed and motor skills.  

The education liaison and neuropsychologist will work with your family to make sure your child has the appropriate supports in place for their continued development and education. 

If your child isn’t able to participate in this level of testing, the NCFP team will offer developmental and physical assessment during the clinic visit and make recommendations to community health care providers and your child’s school. Our education liaison will work with you and your child’s school to make sure your child continues to receive the supports and accommodations they need. 

At the end of your visit, you will receive a summary of the visit and the team’s recommendations.  The NCFP team will also work with your child’s pediatrician and any specialist physicians who care for your child and family to make sure that they have our assessment and recommendations. 
At this point, most families are able to transition back to their primary care providers. The NCFP team will discuss with you at the time of the clinic visit any additional follow-up or support that’s needed.

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Contact us with questions about our program and services at 314.454.5437, 800.678.5437, or email us. If you have specific questions about your child’s medical care, please contact your specialty provider for more immediate guidance.