Appointments are made only by a referral from a physician.  Physicians should call Children's Direct at 800.678.HELP (4357) to make a referral.
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Children seen in PAWS will be treated by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with special certification in burn and wound care.

*PAWS is also staffed by sedation-trained pediatricians, Hospitalists, that provide sedation if needed. Other team members include a Child Life Specialist, Physical & Occupational Therapists and Patient Care Techs.

  • PAWS is staffed by nurses trained in burn and wound care

Pediatric Acute Wound Service (PAWS)

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

  • Jennifer Seigel, RN, PNP, CWCN

  • Carrie Wilson, RN, PNP, WCC

  • Robyn Myers, RN, PNP, WCC

  • Glenna Waldholtz, RN, PNP, WCC

  • Elizabeth Hartbeck, RN, PNP, WCC

  • Julie Berninger, RN, PNP, WCC

  • Barb Champion, RN, PNP, WOCN

  • Stephanie Treon, RN, PNP

PAWS Nursing Staff

  • Carrington Dehart, RN

    PAWS Manager