St. Louis Children’s Hospital welcomes requests for second opinions from families of children diagnosed with brain tumors. Our pediatric neuro-oncology specialists believe it is important for families to have as much information as possible when facing a brain tumor diagnosis.

We understand that this is a stressful time for families. We are here to help answer your questions and provide advice on diagnosis and treatment options.

Why Get a Second Opinion?

Second opinions can provide reassurance that you are on the right treatment path. We may be able to suggest different approaches or treatments beyond what your child is receiving. Or we can look at side effects and suggest alternative treatments.

Second opinions are common in the medical profession. Your child’s current doctor will understand if you choose to pursue a second opinion. 

How a Second Opinion Works

We take requests for second opinions from families and referring physicians. Our program coordinator will gather your child’s medical records, imaging and other diagnostics. 

We can give second opinions without seeing your child. However, we prefer to see children in our clinic if you are able to travel.

Get a Second Opinion for Your Child

To request a second opinion or make a referral, please call 800.678.4357 or email us.