Peripheral nerves carry messages from the brain to the rest of the body. But injuries to the legs, arms and shoulders can damage the nerves and disrupt this system. If your child has peripheral nerve damage, they may feel unexplained tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, pain or other symptoms. 

Fortunately, most nerve injuries can be repaired. And the sooner they’re treated, the faster they’re likely to heal.

That’s where the Nerve Injury Clinic comes in. Our plastic surgeons provide specialized, team-based treatment for peripheral nerve injuries and disorders. While many specialists treat leg, arm and shoulder injuries, our team members are among the few with specific peripheral nervous system expertise.

Treatment for All Types of Peripheral Nerve Damage

We treat all types of peripheral nerve injuries and disorders, including:

Nerve compression syndromes 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Peroneal nerve entrapment
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome

Nerve injuries

Nerve pain

Other nerve disorders

Comprehensive, Advanced Treatment for Nerve Damage

At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, your child will see a team of clinicians who specialize in peripheral nerve injuries. The team may include:

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists who specialize in the treatment of pain
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Neurologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • Physical therapists

By working together, these specialists can provide truly comprehensive care for your child’s nerve injury or disorder. They offer a range of advanced treatments, such as:

  • Nerve grafting and nerve transfer procedures for severe nerve injuries. Our surgeons use a variety of surgical techniques to reroute healthy nerves to areas of the body left paralyzed by damaged nerves.
  • Pain therapy for conditions ranging from headaches to neuroma pain. 

A Focus on Kids’ Unique Needs

Our team is focused on kids all day, every day. Our pediatric plastic surgeons treat primarily children, so they have extensive knowledge of children’s unique anatomy. The same is true of our pediatric anesthesiologists, who use special techniques to make anesthesia safer for children.

Contact Us for an Appointment 

For more information or to request an appointment at the Nerve Injury Clinic please call 314.454.5437 or 800.678.5437 or email us.