What is Pollakiuria?

Pollakiuria means frequent, abnormal urination during the day.

Symptoms/Frequency Characteristics of Pollakiuria:

  1. A previously toilet trained child suddenly develops frequent daytime urination that may occur as often as every 5-10 minutes. Usually the child urinates 3-4 times per hour, often up to 40 times per day.
  2. The child has no pain with urination.
  3. The child only urinates small amounts of urine at a time.
  4. There is no incontinence (leaking of urine).
  5. The child does not drink excessive amounts of fluids.
  6. The child may urinate at night but not to the extent of the daytime frequency.
  7. There are no changes in bowel behavior.
  8. There is no evidence of infection or any physical cause.
  9. Typically occurs in school-age children.
  10. There may be recurrent cycles over a period of 1-2 years.

What is the cause of pollakiuria and how long will it last?

There is no known cause for pollakiuria, also known as benign idiopathic urinary frequency. In some cases a stressor or trigger factor can be identified, but usually no trigger is identified. Overall, this condition is normally self-limiting and harmless, lasting anywhere from six weeks to six months.

Treatment for pollakiuria:

  1. Reassure the child that he or she is healthy and that there is nothing wrong with the kidneys or bladder. X-rays and other tests are not needed.
  2. Reassure the child that he or she can wait longer to urinate without having an accident.
  3. Be aware of the child's feelings -- ignore the frequency of urination. Don’t comment on it. Be sure that caretakers or teachers are not punishing or criticizing the child about this symptom. Often paying less attention to the frequent urination may enhance its disappearance.
  4. Increase fluids.

Seek follow-up care:

  1. If symptoms change -- for example, the child develops a burning sensation due to with urination, starts to drink excessive amounts of fluid or starts to wet one's self.
  2. For questions or concerns.

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