What can my social worker help me with while my child is in the hospital?

  • If you know when your child is being admitted, a social worker can help you plan for hospitalization.
  • Once you are at the hospital with you child, your social worker can help orient you to the hospital and its amenities.
  • Often, assistance may be provided for needs related to your child’s hospitalization. Your social worker can provide information, education and support.
  • Your social worker can act as a liaison between your child and family and your child's medical team.
  • Your social worker can be involved in planning for your child’s return home.

How do I contact a social worker?

  • You can ask your nurse or unit secretary to contact your child’s social worker.
  • You can also call or visit the main social work office.

Where do I stay when my child is in the hospital?

This varies among families; available options include:

  • Bedside
  • Parent lounges
  • Outside accommodations such as the Ronald McDonald House and area motels that offer a discount to our families. Find more lodging information or contact your social worker.

What can I do if I need help getting to and from the hospital?

Ask your social worker what transportation resources are available for your family. Some families can acquire transportation through their medical insurance; some families may qualify for financial assistance needed for transportation.

Who can I talk to if I am feeling stressed, worried, sad, frustrated or scared?

Your social worker is available to talk one-on-one or with your family about these kinds of feelings. Social work can also link you to other sources of support like chaplaincy, a support group or ongoing counseling if needed.

What resources are available in my community?

  • A social worker can also help find financial resources in your community for things like food, shelter and often agencies that can help with costs related to your child’s medical condition and/or hospitalization.
  • Certain children may also be eligible for governmental programs, for which your social worker can provide information and guidance in applying.
  • Your social worker can help you find agencies and/or programs in your area that fit your child and family’s needs. Some examples are parent groups and/or networks, developmental programs and informational and educational resources.