Stem cell research provides more treatment options for children every day. Our clinical trials spur new treatments for a number of conditions, from sickle cell disease to leukemia and more. 

Stem Cell Treatment

Clinical trials test how well a particular treatment works for patients. We use stem cell and bone marrow transplant clinical trials to find new treatments and to test if existing therapies can successfully treat additional conditions. 

Our doctors and scientists have years of experience caring for patients and researching cures. As leaders in treating pediatric cancer and blood-borne diseases, we are dedicated to finding life-changing treatments for children.

Hospital partnerships

We partner with other pediatric transplant centers and organizations throughout the country. These partnerships give us all the chance to move the field forward together. 

We get to offer more new options to patients than we could if we did it alone. And together, we can answer critical questions in the field of stem cell transplantation. Find out more about our affiliations.

Find a Clinical Trial

Search for active clinical trials.

We recommend searching by "studies on map," clicking on “Missouri” and then looking for studies with “Washington University School of Medicine" or "St. Louis Children’s Hospital” as participating locations.