The Pediatric Stroke and Cerebrovascular Program provides evaluation for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all types of stroke in children.

We provide immediate, comprehensive care in emergency stroke situations. And we focus on providing follow-up, rehabilitative care to help your child recover as fully as possible.  

In addition to helping your child recover, our goal is to help you and your child prevent another stroke in the future.

Signs of a Stroke in Children

FAST Signs of Pediatric Stroke
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Go to the emergency room if your child has signs or symptoms of a stroke, including any of the following sudden changes:

  • Weakness on one side of his or her body

  • Change in sensation on one side of the body

  • Difficulty speaking or being understood

  • Dizziness or inability to keep balance

  • Severe headache

  • Seizures followed by new deficits in your child, such as not being able to move an arm

Children at Risk for Stroke

Our program assesses — and provides prevention therapies for — children at risk for strokes. Strokes are more common in children with other conditions that affect the blood and blood vessels, including:

Why Choose the Stroke and Cerebrovascular Program

We offer the full spectrum of services to prevent and treat stroke: from risk assessment to mechanical thrombectomy in emergency situations. When a stroke occurs, our emergency care is coordinated across the entire hospital — from transport services to the emergency room and intensive care unit to rehabilitation after a stroke.

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We offer world-class care to children thanks in part to generous gifts from hundreds of people who have joined us in making health care better for all children. This philanthropic support enables us to fulfill our mission to do what's right for kids.

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