The symptoms of tuberous sclerosis vary by person, making diagnosis and treatment for it complex. Finding a hospital that understands this — and the importance of taking an individual approach to treating tuberous sclerosis — is critical.

The Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at St. Louis Children's Hospital is one of about 50 clinics in the U.S. dedicated specifically to the care of individuals with tuberous sclerosis. Our clinic uses a multidisciplinary, team approach to treat the tumors and symptoms of tuberous sclerosis, also referred to as tuberous sclerosis complex or TSC.

The Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic is part of the Washington University Tuberous Sclerosis Center. The center focuses its research on the neurological symptoms of tuberous sclerosis — such as seizures, developmental problems and autism — that can strongly affect quality of life.

Why Choose the Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic?

The Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic provides expert diagnosis of this complex, often misdiagnosed condition. Our team of experts work together — and with you — to provide the medical and emotional support you and your child need to address the full spectrum of symptoms and complications of TSC.

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