Laila: The Next SeasonThis season, St. Louis Children’s Hospital is celebrating the story of Laila Anderson, the young patient who inspired a team, a city and a nation. 

In partnership with the St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Children’s Hospital is producing a documentary short film (currently in production) that tells the behind-the-scenes story of Laila’s inspiring bravery over an incredibly rare disease. As Laila says herself, “There’s the story people think they know about me – then there’s the real story.” 

The documentary will go deeper into Laila’s breakthrough treatment and inspiring recovery, bringing to life how Laila’s courage became forever linked to the St. Louis Blues’ historic Stanley Cup victory.

But more importantly, the film captures what happens next ...

The St. Louis Blues are starting a new season. So is Laila.

This Time Last Season… 

Once a week, get the inside scoop from Laila's Mom, Heather. She has graciously given us insight into specific moments over the last couple of years to give you an inside look into what Laila's journey with St. Louis Children's Hospital has truly been like. 

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