Volunteers provide a huge service to our patients, families and staff.  We truly consider them part of our team.  Below are some of the main opportunities and experiences open to our volunteers.    

Patient-Focused Volunteers:

  • Child Life volunteers support patients and families by using play and developmentally appropriate activities to enhance positive coping with stressors related to health care. 
  • Schoolroom volunteers support kids & teens in keeping up with their schoolwork during extended hospitalizations. They help work with and tutor patients in the classroom or at bedside. 

Family-Focused Volunteers:

  • Center for Families supports families by providing resources to all families we serve. Amenities such as laundry facilities, coffee and snacks, a kitchen area, quiet area, business center, TVs, showers, and toiletries are provided to families free of charge. Volunteers in this space help create a welcoming environment for all. 
  • Pathfinders greet families as they enter and assist them in finding their way.  This may mean offering directions or escorting families to their destination. 
  • Family Ambassadors provide superior patient experience to our patients and families during their hospital admission by providing information about available hospital resources, a listening ear to parents and caregivers, and promoting family-centered care. 

Outpatient Volunteers serve in outpatient and clinic areas support patients, families, and staff in various ways as needed within the ever-changing environment. 

  • Our Children’s Specialty Care Centers have multiple volunteer opportunities focusing on guest services, same day surgery, and within the Eye Center. 
  • Volunteers in therapy services and clinics within St. Louis Children’s Hospital support patients and families during clinic visits. 
  • Children’s After Hours volunteers assist staff in preparing safe spaces for patients and families and provide developmentally appropriate activities for patients as they wait to be seen. 
  • Emergency Unit (EU) Family Ambassador Volunteers are needed to help escort, greet, & comfort families during their time in the EU. Volunteers serving in the EU must be independent, motivated and be comfortable in patient-care areas. 

Volunteers at the Child Development Centers help provide a nurturing, safe, and healthy environment for the children of the staff of BJC HealthCare and Washington University employees. 

Purina Paws for Hope Volunteers bring in their own highly trained dogs to interact with patients and their families. These dogs must be formally trained through a Children’s-approved training organization.