If your teen wants a volunteer position or a paid part-time job, she’ll likely need to interview. Help her avoid pre-interview jitters with these four tips.

1. Practice makes perfect. Your teen can’t perform at his best on the field if he skips practice for sports. The same is true for interviews.

“Have your teen search online for popular interview questions,” says Kelly Adams, volunteer coordinator at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “Hold practice interviews to help him come up with thoughtful, confident responses. Make sure he can talk about his passions, strengths and long-term goals. Also, ask him to think of one or two questions he can ask the person interviewing him.”

2. Research, research, research. Teens should learn as much as they can about the organization. It lets people doing interviews know they’re excited about the chance to work there.

3. Get tech tools working before the interview. Will your teen’s interview take place as a video chat or a phone call? Both require a quiet space and a good cell phone or internet connection. Also, teens should dress for a video interview the same way they would for an in-person meeting.

4. Manners matter. During the interview, teens should make eye contact and speak clearly. Also, make sure they know not to chew gum or use words like “um.”

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