Here are four dermatologist-recommended tips to help your child keep acne under control.

Teen boy“Acne is caused by hormonal changes, genetic factors, bacteria and stress,” says Carrie Coughlin, MD, Washington University pediatric dermatologist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “This means many adolescents will experience acne.”

To keep skin healthy, she suggests the following: 

  • Avoid food triggers. Consuming certain foods, such as cow’s milk and refined carbohydrates, may worsen acne for some teens. Eat a diet full of vitamins and minerals.
  • More expensive does not mean better. An effective acne treatment does not have to be costly to do the job.
  • Use treatment regularly. Acne treatment may take eight to 12 weeks to improve skin. Be diligent with a routine to see results.
  • Wash face twice daily with gentle cleanser. Washing your face removes oil and dead skin buildup that clogs pores.

Common Skin Irritants
These everyday items could be causing further irritation to the face:

  • hair products
  • hats or headbands
  • cellphones
  • detergents
  • dirty makeup brushes
  • expired makeup
  • sunglasses
  • tight clothing

“If your child is bothered by severe acne or you see scarring, consider taking her to see a dermatologist,” Dr. Coughlin says. “Bring any face products used to the appointment. A specialist will create a treatment plan that meets your child’s specific needs.”