Consider these 4 key strategies to accomplish your professional goals when the kids are home. 

The mass movement to remote work in combination with the absence of childcare or school has many parents working two full-time jobs at once. The challenge may sound like a losing battle. However, with a little creativity, flexibility and patience, you can salvage your productivity. 

Tip #1: Talk with your manager. 
Communication is key to navigating the work-from-home model with success, especially if you have an infant or toddler who will require your attention more than a 16-year-old might. Have an honest conversation with your manager about the challenges you will face while working from home. These challenges may include unexpected diaper emergencies during a staff meeting or teething pain in the middle of a conference call. 

Tip #2: Take advantage of the early morning. 
The hours before the rest of your home comes to life can be some of the most productive of the day. For many people, this is also a time when the brain is clear, alert and rested, ready to tackle top priorities. Get your coffee pot ready the night before, set your alarm clock to ring at least an hour before the kids are scheduled to wake up and get ready to reap the rewards of an early morning power hour. 

Tip #3: Burn the midnight oil.
If you consider yourself a night owl, now is your time to shine! Use the hour or two after you tuck your little ones into bed to take care of tasks such as tracking time, organizing a spreadsheet or answering non-urgent emails. 

Tip #4: Work together. 
Many children are doing online learning these days, making this a perfect opportunity to focus on academic and professional responsibilities side by side. Set a schedule for the day that includes time for breakfast, work, taking a break, lunch and work again in the afternoon. Accomplishing individual goals together will help you both do the things you need to do while also enjoying quality time with one another.