Social distancing – or more precisely, physical distancing – is the name of the game in 2020 especially now as the weather Physical distancing ideasgets colder and kids are forced to be indoors more often. Help your kids learn to play it safe with easy tips and fun games. 


Who doesn’t love a good game? Come up with a version of “the floor is lava” where the safe zones are hula hoops placed 6 feet apart on the ground. Try to make it to the next hoop before time runs out and the lava monster gets you, but remember: only one person per hoop! Or you can play no-contact backyard games like flashlight tag where players have to be more than 6 feet apart at all times. The creative possibilities are endless! 

Rhymes and Repetition

Repetition aids retention. Come up with fun helpful rhymes or silly poems together about keeping a safe distance apart that you can repeat before heading outdoors. 

Inside, outside
At school or the store
Staying 6 feet apart
Means I love you even more!

Measure Up

Include movement and hands-on activities into learning to help kids remember to physical distance.  Find ways to show how far apart 6 feet is by using a tape measure and household objects (for instance, measure out a 6-foot distance on the driveway with chalk). 

Other ideas: 

  • Paper towel rolls taped together
  • Measuring the couch/couch cushions
  • Person in the house/dad who is about 6-feet tall 

Make Kids the Hero

Tell your child that they can be their own superhero and save the day by doing the right thing – staying 6 feet apart! 

Arts and Crafts

Host a craft night where your child creates their own unique mask that reflects their personality. Wearing the mask will remind kids to keep a safe distance while being proud of something they created.




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