For the protection of patients, families and staff within St. Louis Children’s Hospital, public access to all stairwells will be restricted 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.  The restrictions begin Monday,, February 2nd. Badge readers and directional signs are located on each side of stairwell doors.

Anyone with an SLCH employee badge can obtain access, as can medical students, residents, fellows and other physicians with Washington University, Barnes-Jewish Hospital or SLCH.

In case of fire, reader devices will be instantly deactivated allowing access into the stairwells.

“We’re implementing this change as part of a comprehensive effort to further ensure the safety of patients, families and staff,” says Larry Vancil, director of facility services at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “A vital part of providing a superior patient experience is providing safe care, and this can only be done in a secure environment.”

External consultants, law enforcement officials and Joint Commission surveyors have advised that access throughout the hospital building should be restricted further in order to provide additional security for everyone in the building. This effort involves numerous city, state and federal regulations.

Access restrictions pertain only to the hospital building and not the visitor garage or Clinical Sciences Research Building.

"Providing care and service in a safe but welcoming environment is critical to achieving our mission," says Gary LaBlance, vice president, quality, service and information management. "The feedback we receive from our patients and staff supports this additional security measure."

Public access via elevator to many nonclinical floors is currently restricted after business hours.

For questions, please contact SLCH facility services at 314.454.2700.