Teens often begin abusing opioid painkillers after they get a prescription for one.

Once a child or family member no longer needs the medications, parents must get rid of them properly. Here are some safe ways to throw out unused medication:

  • You can visit both Ncada-Stl.org and MissouriP2D2.org for lists of places that will take back unused or expired prescription medications.
  • You can purchase special bags that make a drug inactive. Put the drug in the bag and throw it in the garbage.
  • Never flush unused pills down the toilet. Instead, add water to pills and mix them with kitty litter or coffee grounds in a container you can seal with duct tape. Throw this in the garbage.

Also, never toss pills into an open garbage can. Someone can dig them out and abuse them. A curious child can also see one, swallow it and get poisoned.


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