Summer is prime time for kids to learn about the world of entrepreneurship. Running a car wash, lawn mowing business or lemonade stand are wonderful ways to generate profit and learn about responsible spending practices. These jobs also offer great opportunities for kids to support causes that are important to them.  

“Talk to your kids about allocating their earnings to savings and buying things that they want or need as well as dedicating some of their dollars to charity,” says Becky Belanger, MHA, special events coordinator at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “Creating a strong entrepreneurial work ethic alongside a philanthropic heart at a young age encourages well-rounded characteristics that children can carry with them throughout their lives.”  

An Idea to Pay It Forward

One place where children may donate a portion of their earnings from summer businesses is the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation.  

“Many programs within the hospital could not exist without the generous support of our donors,” Belanger says. “Among these projects are our TOUCH Therapy Dogs, art therapy, music therapy and teen lounge. These and other programs like them allow patients the chance to forget they are in the hospital, even if for just a moment.”

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