Jeffrey Bednarski, MD and colleaguesIn recent years, researchers have gained a greater understanding of the immune system’s role in cancer and blood diseases. Jeffrey Bednarski, MD, a Washington University oncologist and researcher at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, has two open pediatric clinical trials to take this knowledge and apply it toward better treatments for children.

  1. Using a new regimen for bone marrow transplant in patients with immune deficiency.
    Bone marrow transplant for patients with immune deficiency is lifesaving but can be associated with significant toxicities. This study uses a reduced-intensity conditioning regimen, which has fewer potential toxicities while still supporting stem cell engraftment.
  2. Using novel NK cell approaches to treat relapsed leukemia
    For patients with relapsed AML, survival is poor and new treatment approaches are desperately needed. Recent studies have shown that combined cytokine activation of natural killer (NK) cells improves their ability to combat AML. This project uses these cytokine-induced, memory-like NK cells as a personalized cellular immunotherapy strategy for relapsed pediatric and young adult AML patients.

Washington University researchers are working to discover new and innovative therapies through a range of ongoing hematology and oncology clinical studies.

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