Dr. TrehanTo express their appreciation for dedication, patience and skill in medical education, students at Washington University School of Medicine recently honored faculty, residents and staff with the Distinguished Service Teaching Awards for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Among those honored was Indi Trehan, MD, an assistant professor of pediatrics who specializes in emergency medicine and infectious diseases and is noted for his work in children’s global health. Dr. Trehan is the students’ nominee for the national Humanism in Medicine Award, which is presented annually by the Association of the American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The award recognizes medical school faculty physicians who exemplify the qualities of a caring and compassionate mentor in the teaching and advising of medical students. Dr. Lee

Dr. Trehan—director of the School of Medicine’s Pediatric Global Health Residency Pathway—focuses on childhood malnutrition and infection. He has published related research in prestigious journals and treated patients in impoverished locations such as Haiti, Sierra Leone and Malawi.

Also honored with a Distinguished Service Teaching Award was Caroline K. Lee, MD, associate professor of pediatrics and director of fetal cardiology at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.