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Heart Center

Nurse Practitioner Gives Heartbeat Animals to Heart Patients in Memory of Her Son

A nurse practitioner lost her three-month-old son to a heart issue and other complications, and she's giving away a special ...

Patient Stories

Sweet Liby and Her New Heartbeat

Liby Peterson came into this world on November 9, 2016, in Wichita, Kansas with a heart that would not sustain ...


Michelle Stecher was a Heart Center Patient 30 Years Ago and is Now an Inpatient Nurse

When Michelle Stecher was born 33 years ago, her doctors were at first unsure what to do for her. What ...


From Sioux Falls to St. Louis: A Family Moves to be Near the Heart Center

“The Heart Center has doctors who have answers, and that’s what I needed .” For Indira Palislamovic-Nukicic, that declaration by ...


Discovery Advances Understanding of Pediatric Cardiomyopathy

In 2010, just two days before Christmas, Colleen and Mike Miller learned that their 6-month-old daughter, Layla, suffered from dilated ...


Comprehensive Clinic Addresses Noncardiac Issues of Fontan Patients

Prior to 1971, children born with single ventricle congenital heart disease rarely lived beyond 10 years of age. With the ...


In-House Call Program Ensures 24/7/365 Coverage in PICU and CICU

“I’m going to be here all night if you need anything.” That reassuring statement is one parents of patients in ...

Patient Stories

Baby Grayson Overcomes Rare Heart Condition

Drs. Ginnie and Aaron Abarbanell diagnose and treat Grayson's Cor Triatriautum dexter defect. ...


New Journey Begins with Heart-Lung Transplant

As first-time parents, Kali and Patrick Bowman, of Springfield, Missouri, have learned more than their fair sure about caring for ...