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St. Louis Children’s Celebrates 15th Year as a Top 25 Hospital

Extraordinary breadth and depth of expertise places Children’s among the nation’s best. ...

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How can playgrounds help with a child’s development?

Here are some helpful tips from a pediatric physical therapist on using various play equipment to stimulate your child's development. ...

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How to choose the right running shoes for your child

A physical therapist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital gives two recommendations on what to look for in running shoes. ...

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Keep your cheerleader safe with these three steps

Even with safety improvements, "typical" cheerleading injuries can still occur. ...

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How to prevent running injuries

If you feel that your child is struggling with running injuries, be sure to talk to with their doctor. ...

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How much water does my child need?

Hydration is especially important for kids to help support things like normal development and cognition. ...

Expert Advice

Suicide Prevention in Young Athletes

It’s no secret that COVID-19 created mental health challenges and concerns for teenagers. Student-athletes face additional, unique demands and stressors ...

Patient Stories

Selah's Story of Staying Active

Teenager who had over 30 surgeries and procedures, now does adaptive CrossFit. ...

Patient Stories

Solving a Medical Mystery Takes Teamwork

Experts in physical therapy, neurology, and orthopedics helped a young hockey player get back on the ice after developing a ...