Healthy Kids Express Asthma Program Community Event Requests

Having an event? Looking for asthma education? Let the asthma program help you! With the increased number of children being diagnosed with asthma in the St. Louis area, it is important to educate those who have asthma as well as those who care for kids with asthma. The goal of our team is to help keep kids healthy so they can do the things they enjoy doing without asthma interfering with their quality of life. The better their asthma is controlled, the better the quality of life. Some of the asthma services available for community events include:

  • Asthma Education
  • Asthma Action Plan*
  • General Asthma Information
  • Girl Scout Troop Asthma Patch
  • Other **

* Services are subject to change due to staff availability
** Other services that are not listed may be requested and are also subject to staff availability

If you are interested in having the asthma program come to your next event, please fill out our community education event request form.