With proper precautions and management, children diagnosed with a bleeding disorder can lead a safe, full life. At the Bleeding Disorder Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, we are dedicated to helping you and your child do just that.

Our program brings together adult and pediatric hematologists, clinical researchers, and other medical specialists to provide individualized care for each child with a bleeding disorder.

Our goal: to provide the education, support, and empowerment you and your child need to tackle all of life’s possibilities safely.

Why Choose the Bleeding Disorders Center

Coordinated care management and comprehensive education are two key elements in living fully and safely with a bleeding disorder. At the Bleeding Disorders Center, we focus on these key elements so that you and your child can live safely, independently, and free of worry. Through our relentless drive to find the best therapies available, we can provide you and your child the most up-to-date, safest options for treating bleeding disorders.

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