Treatment for pediatric bleeding disorders can change your child’s life for the better. Bleeding disorders require specialized treatment from experts focused on ensuring your child’s specific medical, developmental and psychological needs are met.

Our Bleeding Disorders Center offers comprehensive, specialized management of your child’s condition, along with the latest treatment options.

Designated Hemophilia Treatment Center

St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a federally designated hemophilia treatment center. These centers provide specialized, comprehensive care to patients with hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other bleeding disorders.

Our pediatric hemophilia treatment center works with the adult center located on the medical campus. Collaboration between these two programs  provides a seamless transition of care from childhood into adulthood.

Advantages of Hemophilia Treatment Centers

At a hemophilia treatment center, you get comprehensive care from bleeding disorder experts. Designated hemophilia treatment centers include: 

  • Multidisciplinary care teams, including hematologists, nurse specialists, lab technologists, social workers, physical therapists, orthopedists and other specialists
  • Advanced and emerging treatment options, including clinical trials
  • Scientists dedicated to advancing pediatric bleeding disorder care through research coordinated with hospitals around the country

Family-Centered Care

Education is an important part of living with a bleeding disorder. We teach you and your child the early signs of internal bleeding and what to do when you suspect a bleed or when an injury occurs.

Family education

Teaching your child about bleeding disorders is important. But first, you need to understand your child’s condition. We will take the time to explain your child’s bleeding disorder and make sure you understand how to manage daily life.

Age-appropriate patient education

As children grow, their understanding of their bleeding disorders will change. So will their ability to handle new responsibilities related to their bleeding disorders. We offer age-appropriate education and advice about growing up with a bleeding disorder.

Support Beyond the Hospital

We give you and your child the tools you need to manage daily life with a bleeding disorder.

Infusion treatment at home

You can learn how to provide IV infusions at home if you like. This can give you and your child more flexibility and independence. We offer classes on how to do self-infusion and parent-infusion at home. Our nurses will work with you to make sure medications get ordered and shipped to your home.

Guidance to minimize joint damage

Joint damage is one of the most common complications of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. This damage comes from repeated bleeding into the joints or from a major bleed. 

Our team helps children and families:

  • Manage bleeding to prevent or minimize joint damage
  • Learn how to respond to an emergency bleed in the joints

Team Approach

Our pediatric hematologists specialize in treating children with bleeding disorders. They work with specialists in a variety of areas — from dental care, genetics and psychology to orthopedics, surgery and gastroenterology — to offer comprehensive management of your child’s bleeding disorder.

Collaboration With Primary Care Providers

Your child’s primary care provider or pediatrician is an important part of our care team. We work closely with your child’s provider and share information about your child’s care and any changing needs.

Telemedicine Program for Illinois Patients

Our telemedicine program offers video appointments with our doctors. 

Patients with bleeding disorders can attend these appointments at Southern Illinois Hospital in Carbondale, Illinois. These appointments allow patients and families the chance to talk with a St. Louis Children’s Hospital specialist without the two-hour drive to St. Louis.

Contact the Bleeding Disorders Center

Call 800.678.5437 to make an appointment or request an appointment online.