When your child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, you want to get the best care imaginable. You want the most advanced treatments, experienced specialists and a team focused on your child’s long-term quality of life.

At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, we provide world-class treatment while protecting your child's right to be a kid. Our Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Program offers safer treatment methods, the latest clinical trials and a team focused on making treatment as easy as possible for your child and your family. Our holistic approach supports your child's medical, psychological, educational and social well-being.

The St. Louis Region’s Largest Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Program

Our Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Program has the area’s largest pediatric brain tumor team. This dedicated multidisciplinary team includes: 

  • Neurosurgeons
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Nurses
  • School liaisons
  • Social workers
  • Therapists 

We work with families and referring physicians to create a customized treatment plan for each child. Our nurse coordinators manage each patient’s care so families can focus on their children — rather than on scheduling appointments or hunting down test results.

Treatments for Children with Brain Tumors

Experience is key when it comes to treating children with brain tumors. Our oncologists and surgeons are experts at diagnosing pediatric brain tumors, finding the best treatments and researching new therapies. We will talk through your options and explain treatments at every step. 

Advanced treatments

Our full spectrum of advanced brain tumor treatments includes:

  • Intraoperative MRI, which guides surgeons while they operate
  • Gamma Knife radiosurgery, a technique that does not require incisions 
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy, which helps minimize the effects of radiation

Learn more about our brain tumor treatments.

Clinical trials

Our research and clinical trials provide hope and promise for the future. Here at Siteman Kids, your child has access to up-and-coming treatments they cannot get anywhere else in the region. 

We participate in the Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC), enabling your child to participate in national clinical trials while staying here in St. Louis. We are the only participating site in the region. This network of hospitals collaborates to get the newest treatments to children faster.

Find out about our brain tumor clinical trials.

Contact the Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Program

To make an appointment or refer a patient, please call us at 800.678.4357

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St. Louis Children’s Hospital is consistently ranked among the nation’s best pediatric hospitals by U.S. News & World Report, the most comprehensive source of quality-related information on U.S. pediatric hospitals. We follow one simple mission – to do what’s right for kids. That mission comes to life through medical discovery, innovative therapies and compassionate care.

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