Physicians at St. Louis Children’s Hospital believe strongly in partnering with referring physicians to ensure the best possible outcomes in patient care. All medical treatment plans are sent to the referring physician and consultations are on-going after hospitalization and treatment, if necessary.

The medical team fosters a partnership with parents and schools to ensure positive strides are made in both home and classroom environments. During hospitalization, individual bedside tutoring is available. The hospital’s school liaison and Child Life Specialists work directly with teachers and school administrators to help children keep up with class work and educational skills.


Rehabilitation, including speechoccupational and physical therapy, is offered as part of the program’s after-care services. As some children may be impacted with developmental or quality of life impairments as a result of treatment for brain or spinal cord tumors, St. Louis Children’s Hospital also operates the Late Effects Clinic in partnership with Washington University School of Medicine. This program provides comprehensive care for patients who may experience medical, emotional and quality of life difficulties as a result of any cancer therapies. Services include regular medical evaluations, psycho-social assessments and evaluations by a psychologist experienced in the stresses of cancer survivorship and pastoral care support.