What can I expect during my child’s visit?

During the appointment, experts from a variety of specialties will assess your child’s development and abilities, and give you a comprehensive assessment and care plan.  Developmental screening in the form of questionnaires and developmental testing are performed.  At the end of your visit, we meet with you to summarize the team’s findings and create a written plan identifying the next steps. The plan may include further evaluation or recommendations for additional services. For this reason, your child’s initial visit can last two to four hours. You may find it helpful to bring snacks, drinks, toys and books to keep your child occupied.

Will my child’s pediatrician be able to see the assessments and recommendations from my child’s visit?

We will send our assessment and plan of care to your child’s primary care provider, pediatric cardiologist and other members of your child’s care team as you see fit.

Does this visit take the place of seeing my child’s regular cardiologist?

No. Since this visit is focused on your child’s neurodevelopment, your child should continue to see their primary cardiologist as scheduled. We will communicate the findings of this appointment to your child’s cardiologist.

My child seems completely “normal” and on track for their age. Do I still need neurodevelopmental follow up?

Research has shown that children with congenital heart disease, particularly complex congenital heart disease, are at greater risk for neurodevelopmental delays and disabilities. As babies grow and change, issues can arise that were previously not present. The American Heart Association recommends regular neurodevelopmental evaluation to ensure children with heart disease continue to reach their highest potential.

My child is already enrolled in Early Intervention Services. Does my child need still need follow up?

Our team of specialists are experts in child development and congenital heart disease. We have the unique ability to evaluate your child’s medical condition and their developmental needs as they relate to each other. The goal of the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Clinic is to support and supplement the therapy your child is receiving in the home or at school.

My child is having difficulty at school. Can your clinic help?

Yes. Whether issues at school relate to learning struggles, behavioral concerns, or mood problems, our Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Care Team can provide your child with a comprehensive evaluation by a pediatric neuropsychologist to help understand your child’s unique educational, behavioral, and emotional needs. These results can in turn assist in creating individualized educational plans for your child.

What is a pediatric neuropsychologist?

Pediatric neuropsychology helps assess for these problems that may impact thinking and learning skills. During the appointment, the neuropsychologist uses school-like tasks to measure skills such as attention, memory, language, and problem-solving.