Paul Jenkins, one of the physical therapists at St. Louis Children’s hospital gives a step-by-step tutorial outlining kinesiotaping techniques for clubfoot. Kinesiotape is an elastic, cloth tape with a paper backing. This elasticity of the tape promotes movement for children with clubfoot, allowing for mobility in all directions. In clubfoot patients, we address the plantar flexion and inversion characteristics of clubfoot by applying the tape in a way which promotes dorsiflexion and eversion. These strips work together to target very specific muscle areas and will last about two to three days once applied.

Kinesiotapes are hypoallergenic and typically do not irritate the child’s skin, but if this is a concern we recommend that you apply a small test strip to the wrap area first. A child needs to have good mobility of the foot in order for kinesiotape to be effective in managing clubfoot. In some cases other interventions including stretching, casting, and surgeries must be done first.