These exercises are part of the postoperative care for the treatment of vertical talus. It is important to be consistent with these stretching exercises to maintain correction of the foot. If you have any questions, please contact us at 314.454.KIDS (5437) or 800.678.KIDS (5437).

Ankle plantar flexion and forefoot inversion

Gently stretch your baby's foot at every diaper change.

Vertical Talus Exercise, starting position

Starting position: Lay child on back.  Place one hand on your baby's flexed knee. Grasp the heel of your baby's foot with the other hand.

Vertical Talus Exercise motion

Motion: Gently push the foot down, and in, stretching as much as possible. Start with five repetitions and work up to 40 repetitions.

For more information on the treatment of vertical talus or to make an appointment, please call us at 314.454.KIDS (5437) or 800.678.KIDS (5437).