While the iPad is a very mainstream and trendy device, it has become a pivotal piece of technology, providing newfound opportunities for those with special needs.  It can be a great educational and productivity tool, especially for those students who have motor or learning issues.  The iPad itself has some very useful accessibility features and functions.  To learn more on using your iPad, see our handout on iPad iOS10 Basics.

There are millions of apps out there and finding the best ones can be a daunting task!  We've tried to lessen that load by sharing some of our favorite Productivity Apps and Functional Apps. Many of these are productivity apps which allow students to complete their assignments on the iPad, thereby reducing the amount of writing and fine motor effort required.  Most can be used with Google Drive, which many schools are utilizing.  If you are looking to complete worksheets on the iPad, check out these step-by-step directions for SnapType Pro and iAnnotate.  ModMath is another app that can be useful for math problems and equations.

It is our hope that by maximizing the iPad and by using these robust apps, students can become more functional and independent at home and school!

Not an iPad user?  One of our favorite apps, SnapType Pro, is now available for Android devices. Find our instructions here.