One of the most important questions you may have about craniosynostosis is whether the surgery is truly safe. We’re proud to say we have an exceptional safety record when it comes to these procedures.

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Is Craniosynostosis Surgery at St. Louis Children’s Hospital Safe?

Our surgeons have performed thousands of craniosynostosis repair surgeries for more than 35 years. We have never experienced a serious complication, such as stroke and heart attack. We show our commitment to patient safety in many ways. We:

  • Perform a high volume of surgeries, which leads to better processes. When surgical teams perform the same procedures at a high volume, it leads to streamlined protocols. These, in turn, translate into safer outcomes for our patients.
  • Continuously improve. Our doctors participate in craniosynostosis research with a goal of increasing patient safety and improving surgical outcomes.
  • Offer advanced pediatric surgery suites. Our operating rooms are designed around the unique needs of pediatric patients. This means we eliminate any risk of using adult-sized equipment or materials on infants and children.
  • Communicate clearly. Our surgeons take the time to answer all your questions and hear your concerns.

What Types of Craniosynostosis Surgery Does St. Louis Children’s Hospital Perform?

Our experienced surgeons offer two types of surgical procedures to treat all types of craniosynostosis:

  • Endoscopic craniosynostosis repair. Surgeons affiliated with St. Louis Children’s Hospital began offering this technique 10 years ago. We have more experience with minimally invasive craniosynostosis surgery than anyone else in the region.
  • Open craniosynostosis repair surgery. Our experienced surgeons perform traditional surgery to repair all types of craniosynostosis. Our experts weigh all the available procedures to suggest only the best options for each child in their care.

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