If you have been told that your child needs surgery, it is essential to consider every alternative. That’s why we offer a Second Opinion Program – to provide you with immediate access to some of the most talented pediatric surgeons in the nation.

The Second Opinion Program includes quick coordination of appointments with Washington University physicians and follow-up care based on your specific needs. Our physicians will spend the time to help you understand your options and to customize a care plan specifically for your child. A second opinion can ease your mind or provide you with alternative options to consider.

Do You Need a Surgical Second Opinion?

The Second Opinion Program was created for children diagnosed with any general pediatric surgery condition, and for families who have been told that their child needs a surgical procedure such as hernia repair, inflammatory bowel disease surgery, repair of chest wall deformity, etc.

Some children have already had surgery and are now experiencing new symptoms. In other cases, the family may want to know if their medication/bowel regimen is the best for them. We also see families who want to explore every option and seek the latest advancements in surgical and medical diagnosis and treatment for their child. These are all legitimate reasons to seek a second opinion.

If your child doesn’t currently have a pediatrician we can schedule an appointment for you with one of our top-rated specialists.