Caring for My Child with a GastrostomyCaring for My Child with a Gastrostomy, produced by St. Louis Children's Hospital, tells you what you need to know about your child's gastrostomy appliance and care.

From the surgical placement of the gastrostomy appliance to frequently asked questions, use this educational resource to better understand your child’s gastrostomy appliance and how to care for it at home.

There are several gastrostomy appliances available, but the video focuses on the gastrostomy tube (g-tube) and the gastrostomy button appliance.  The video, Caring for My Child with a Gastrostomy, is broken into segments as well as available in full.  Be sure to select the appropriate video based on whether you want to learn about the gastrostomy tube (g-tube) or the gastrostomy button appliance.

Caring for My Child with a Gastrostomy Tube

Topics Include:

  • Placement of the Gastrostomy Tube
  • Gastrostomy Tube: Post-Operative Care
  • Gastrostomy Tube: Feeding and Taping the Tube
  • Gastrostomy Tube: Giving Medications
  • Gastrostomy Tube: Venting
  • Gastrostomy Tube: Skin Care
  • Gastrostomy Tube: Emergency Gastrostomy Dislodgement
  • Gastrostomy Tube: Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for My Child with a Gastrostomy Button Appliance

Topics Include:

  • Placement of the Gastrostomy Button Appliance
  • Gastrostomy Button Appliance: Post-Operative Care
  • Gastrostomy Button Appliance: Feeding and Taping the Extension Set
  • Gastrostomy Button Appliance: Giving Medications
  • Gastrostomy Button Appliance: Changing the Dressing
  • Gastrostomy Button Appliance: Venting
  • Gastrostomy Button Appliance: Skin Care
  • Gastrostomy Button Appliance: Emergency Gastrostomy Dislodgement
  • Gastrostomy Button Appliance: Frequently Asked Questions