When you bring your child to The Heart Center, you are coming to a hospital that is known for:

High volume

We are the largest heart center in the region, caring for nearly 5,000 pediatric patients over the past 10 years. The Society of Thoracic Surgeons has designated us as a high-volume center. Seeing more patients with a greater variety of conditions better equips us to handle your child’s unique heart care needs. In 2022, we performed:

  • 399 cardiovascular surgical procedures

  • 750 cardiac catheterizations

  • 16922 cardiac echocardiograms

  • 227 cardiac MRIs

  • 1024 fetal echocardiograms

Excellent outcomes

The more surgeries you perform, the better you get. This is why our heart surgery outcomes are far above average. St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s cardiac catheterization (Cath) lab and electrophysiology (EP) lab both received accreditations from the IAC.

IAC Cardiovascular Catheterization Accreditation Logo IAC Cardiac Electrophysiology Accreditation Logo

Trusted experience

We are the oldest pediatric heart program in the region and one of the oldest in the country. We are the “specialists’ specialists,” the doctors other experts turn to when a child needs the most advanced heart care. Parents frequently come to us seeking second opinions. No matter how complex or high risk your child’s condition may be, we can help.

Strong team

Our team includes some of the world’s foremost experts in child heart care. Our collective experience includes more than 150 specialists and experts focused on managing children with heart problems. That’s the reason why we are a destination center for referring physicians.

Comprehensive treatment

We are prepared for all possibilities and provide the advanced care that other hospitals can’t. We are an internationally recognized leader in pediatric heart and lung transplants. We also have one of the most successful and largest heart transplant programs and lung transplant programs in the nation.

Family-centered care

At The Heart Center, you always have 24-hour access to your child. If your child needs surgery, we’ll keep you informed and virtually let you see as much as possible throughout the procedure, via a smartphone app. Our goal is to give you the most comfort, communication and compassion while you’re with us.

Seamless communication

We closely involve your referring doctor before, during and after your child’s time here so there are no gaps in care. We are the only center in the region, if not in the nation, to prepare a comprehensive presurgical brief and review it with all providers involved in your child’s care before any surgery or procedure. This communication keeps us all focused on the same goal: helping your child recover and thrive.