Learning that your child needs a heart transplant can be an overwhelming experience. It is reassuring to know that experienced care from pediatric heart experts is available at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Heart Center. Our highly skilled teams have decades of experience in providing compassionate care for children and their families.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital: Leaders in Pediatric Heart Transplants

Anary 500th Heart Transplant Patient
Anary, our 500th heart transplant patient

Established in 1986, the pediatric heart transplant program at St. Louis Children's Hospital has given new life to hundreds of young patients, from newborns just three days old to young adults. We offer:

The success of our heart transplant program shows in our results. Since 2011, our survival rate for children who need heart transplant after a Fontan procedure has been 100 percent – all 15 children. Historically, the survival rate had been only about 70 percent.

Our Approach to Heart Transplants

Our primary goal is successful procedures that give children new hearts that will sustain them throughout their active, healthy lives. We are also dedicated to addressing your concerns and helping you play an active role in your child’s care before, during and after surgery.

Our approach for successful heart transplants includes:

  • Working closely with you to prepare your child for a heart transplant
  • Partnering with you to keep your child in optimal health while waiting for surgery
  • Ensuring precise coordination within our own team to make the surgery and recovery go as smoothly as possible
  • Creating an individualized, presurgical brief on your child’s case, which we review with our team of heart specialists
  • Collaborating with your referring doctor
  • Using a mobile app to update you during the surgery, with pictures and texts every 20 minutes
  • Providing excellent postsurgery care to rebuild your child’s health and strength

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Lifelong Partnerships for Health after Heart Transplant

500th Day at ballparkThe majority of infants and older children we treat go on to enjoy childhood and lead full, active lives. They reach normal development levels for their ages, attend school and participate in a variety of everyday activities. Meet our patients and watch our videos of recent success stories.

We build lifelong partnerships with our heart transplant patients and their families. We provide personalized follow-up care at any time and any stage of your child’s life. Learn more about heart transplant in children, including what follow-up entails and what to expect from surgery.

Meet the Experts

Our world-renowned pediatric heart transplant team includes:

  • Cardiothoracic surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Cardiologists
  • Cardiac intensivists
  • Nurse clinicians
  • Nursing staff members
  • Social workers and therapists

Together, they have decades of expertise in caring for children who receive heart transplants. Just as important, our team knows the challenges you face when your child is critically ill – and we all specialize in compassionate care to help you through the care journey. Meet the team.

Request an Appointment or Make a Referral

Contact us to make an appointment for evaluation or find out more about the Heart Transplant Program at The Heart Center - call 314.454.5437 or 800.678.5437 or email us.

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Evan Wells: Receive Incompatible Heart Transplant

At less than 4 months of age, Evan Wells was the first patient at St. Louis Children’s Hospital to receive a heart transplant from a donor with a different blood type. It’s called an ABO-incompatible heart transplant.

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