Treatment options for sickle cell disease and other childhood blood disorders have improved dramatically in the last decade. Much of that is due to clinical trials and other research. St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a leader in researching new therapies for children. 

Research for Blood Disorders

Our team continuously looks for new ways to help children with blood disorders through clinical trials for sickle cell disease, lymphoma and other conditions. 

We conduct our own research right here in St. Louis. We also participate in clinical trials through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and in studies offered by drug companies. 

For instance, we know silent strokes — strokes that do not have outward symptoms — are more common in children with blood disorders. These strokes can cause problems with memory, school and learning. We are looking at blood flow patterns in these patients in the hopes of finding new treatments for the future.

Search for a Pediatric Blood Disorder Clinical Trial

Search for active clinical trials at You can:

  • Search by "studies on map" 
  • Click on “Missouri” 
  • Look for studies with “Washington University School of Medicine" or "St. Louis Children’s Hospital” as participating locations

To learn more, call St. Louis Children's Hospital at 314.454.5437.