Is this covered by my insurance?

Each company is different. We recommend that you call the number on the back of your insurance card to determine if this service is covered.

Can my child change into comfortable clothes once we arrive at the Motion Analysis Center?

Yes, your child may change in the restrooms located near the center.

Who will be conducting the motion analysis testing?

A licensed physical therapist with expertise in motion analysis will conduct the testing.

Are the sensors difficult or painful to apply and remove?

No, the sensors are easily applied and removed with double-sided, sticky tape. 

How long will it take to receive and assessment? Will I need to make another trip to the Motion Analysis Center to receive my assessment?

Typically an assessment report is ready in three to four weeks. It will be provided to your referring physician so that he or she can review it with you. The Motion Analysis Center’s assessment team is always available to answer any follow-up questions you and your doctor may have.

Who makes the final decision regarding next steps for my child's care?

The report provided by the Center’s dedicated assessment team will include recommendations for potential treatments or further testing. However, you and your referring physician will determine final decisions about your child’s future care.