Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that deals with the skeleton, joints, muscles and other related structures. Orthopedic conditions may begin at birth, may develop as a child grows, or may be the result of an injury.

Whether a child has a club foot, short limbs, knee pain, hip disease, or another orthopedic condition, the pediatric-trained Physical and Occupational Therapists at St. Louis Children’s Hospital can make a difference in the child’s life. The therapists are committed to meeting a child’s needs and go the extra mile to ensure well-coordinated, comprehensive treatment with maximum results.

Therapy for orthopedic conditions

  • The key to successful therapy for children with orthopedic conditions is pediatric expertise and experience. Understanding both the emotional and physical effects of children’s orthopedic conditions, the therapists take the time to listen to a child, explain what they are doing and earn a child’s trust. Families are included in planning, education and treatment. Therapists know how to motivate a child to achieve his or her fullest potential.
  • In the therapy clinic, a child also benefits from being in an environment with other children undergoing similar rehab experiences. Each child’s therapy is tailored to meet individual physical and emotional needs. Whenever possible, the therapists include activities that are fun and motivating for the child.
  • The therapists treat many pediatric orthopedic conditions, as well as orthopedic injuries from sports or trauma. The therapists work closely with the orthopedic surgeons from the Washington University School of Medicine and other physicians to provide a complete continuum of care.
  • Parents are an important part of the therapy team. The staff includes parents in setting meaningful goals, explaining the importance of each exercise, and updating the child’s progress.