The Torticollis Clinic at St. Louis Children’s Hospital provides treatment for congenital muscular torticollis.

Also, known as “wry neck,” congenital muscular torticollis results when an infant’s neck muscle is shortened, causing the neck to twist.

Although some extremely mild cases may resolve on their own, most need some type of treatment. If your child’s torticollis has not resolved on its own by three to four months, please speak with your child’s physician. Your physician can provide you with a referral to physical therapy or to our clinic.

For some children whose torticollis remains after physical therapy, surgery may be a good option. For those children, we offer a minimally invasive muscle lengthening surgery.

Why Choose the Torticollis Clinic?

We offer the full spectrum of treatments to address torticollis — from physical therapy to surgical solutions. Parents are important members of our team: We help you understand the steps — and the time needed — to address your child’s torticollis. And we work with you to find the right treatment for your child’s needs.

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