Individualized care

At the Torticollis Clinic, our goal is to provide you with the least invasive therapy possible to address your child’s specific needs. The first step is specially designed physical therapy. Our therapists use gentle stretching exercises to help relieve tension in the neck and lengthen the shortened muscle.

Team approach

Our clinic treats torticollis using a team approach, with parents being important members of the team. We also communicate closely with your child’s pediatrician throughout the therapy process.

Education for further care at home

You will be taught stretching exercises to do at home with your baby. You will learn ways to encourage your baby to stretch the neck muscle during everyday motions. For example, our therapists teach parents how to position toys so their babies will need to turn their heads to see them.

Botulinum toxin therapy to relax the muscle

When physical therapy alone is not enough, botulinum toxin injections (commonly known as Botox) are used. Botox helps relax the muscle so that it stretches more easily during physical therapy exercises.

Minimally invasive muscle lengthening surgery

When neither of these approaches is effective, minimally invasive surgery to lengthen the muscle is needed. This surgery may be an option for children over the age of three who have residual torticollis, or, torticollis that does not resolve through other therapies.