What to Expect

Your first visit to the CDH clinic will occur approximately 4-6 weeks after discharge from the hospital. During visits, you can expect the team to assess:

  • Growth measurements: growth in weight, height and head size
  • Diet and nutrition assessment: calorie goal, feeding adjustment and need for supplementation
  • Oxygen need and chronic lung disease care, if present
  • Screening chest radiograph: every 6 months for patch repair until age 2, then annually until age 5 or longer
  • Breathing difficulties and treatment, if present
  • Echocardiogram, if needed
  • Feeding problems and solutions: feeding through nasogastric or gastrostomy tube, oral sensitivities and oral aversion, vomiting, gastroesophageal reflux and constipation
  • Developmental screening (DDST-II): screening to assess delays in developmental milestones, tone problems, home therapy plan development and assessment
  • Hearing screening: every 6 months until age 3
  • Standardized developmental test at 2 years (BSID- III): to assess a child’s thinking and understanding, performance of motor and language functions compared to other children
  • Screening for autism: M-CHAT at 2 years of age
  • Musculoskeletal screening: for chest asymmetry and scoliosis by examination and radiographs

You can expect to visit the CDH clinic every 6 months in the first 2 years or more often if needed. After age 2, you will visit yearly until age 10-12 years.