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The Purina Family Pet Center combines family-centered care with the healing power of the human-animal bond. Pets are important family members and many studies have shown that pets can promote and improve the patient's wellness. 

Whose pet can visit?

  • Patients who stay five days or more may be able to have their pet visit if medical staff approves.

Which type of pets are allowed?

  • Only dogs and cats are allowed to visit. Pets must be current on vaccinations and bathed before a visit.

Are appointments necessary?

  • Visits to the Purina Family Pet Center are by appointment only.

For more information or to request a visit, talk to your child's Child Life Specialist, email us at [email protected], or call 314.280.7574.

Only the third of its kind in the United States and fourth in the world, the Purina Family Pet Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is made possible by a gift from Nestle Purina.