Incorporate more fruits and vegetable into your child’s diet by trying these simple tips and tricks.

Combat hunger—To alleviate before-dinner munchies, set out a tray of fresh vegetables, such as carrot and celery sticks, for kids to snack on. It’s OK if children fill up on these treats because they gain a serving of veggies before dinner is served.

No shame in hiding—You can stealthily incorporate fruits and vegetables into meals by pureeing or cutting them into tiny pieces and hiding them in dishes such as quesadillas, casseroles or smoothies.

One-bite rule—Enforce a rule of your child trying at least one bite of each item on the plate before he or she is allowed to reject it.

Grab and go—Make fruits and vegetables accessible to kids by placing a bowl of apples, grapes or cherry tomatoes on counters and tables for snacking. You can also grab these items on your way out of the door to snack on later.

No-dessert law—If you child does not at least try each item on his or her plate, he or she cannot have dessert.

Turn frowns upside down—Make funny faces out of fruits and vegetables on plates when serving.

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