Runners 10 Stretching Program
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The Children's Runners 10 program is a stretching program developed by Washington University pediatric sports medicine specialists at the Young Athlete Center.  The program focuses on 10 stretching and strengthening exercises designed to improve flexibility, strength and endurance of the muscles used for running.  

Help your young athlete prepare for running, whether for cross country, track, 5K or a fun run! 

The Young Athlete Center offers an interactive Runners 10 program for private groups of 15 or more, taught at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center or at the group’s requested location. Parents and children attend together so both can learn side-by-side.  Learn more 

Standing Quad Stretch

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Push Ups


Lower Leg Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Eccentric Gastrocnemius Strengthening


Arch Lifting

Single Leg Hip Bridge