Sports Safety Series

The Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Young Athlete Center has developed a series of interactive injury prevention and educational programs designed to help improve the overall health of young athletes.  We offer the programs to private groups of 15 or more, taught at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Specialty Care Center - West County or at the group’s requested location. Parents and children attend together so both can learn side-by-side. These 45-60 minute programs are available on the following topics:

FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Warm-up

The FIFA 11+ and 11 Kids were designed by a group of experts from FIFA and are intended to replace the usual soccer warm-up. Research shows that, if done properly, these exercises can significantly reduce the risk of injury to soccer players.  Expert physical therapists and athletic trainers from the Young Athlete Center will teach players, coaches, and parents the proper technique and form to help keep players on the field.

Recommended age: 7 – 13 FIFA 11 Kids program / 14+ FIFA 11+ program

Concussion Education

The Young Athlete Center has designed an educational program about concussions which incorporates best practices for prevention and management, signs and symptoms, common myths, appropriate care, expectations for returning to play, and much more.

This program is intended for coaches, parents, players, and anyone involved in athletics who would like to learn more about concussions and how to manage them safely.

Recommended age: 10 and older

Empower – sport safety program designed for female athletes

The Empower program is a new interactive program presented by experts in sports medicine, adolescent medicine, physical therapy and nutrition. Our goal is to help prevent injuries and help young women become strong – inside and out.

Age 8 and older

Strength Training

The Young Athlete Center has developed an interactive program designed to teach young athletes how to properly participate in strength and weight training.  Under close professional supervision this program will teach athletes and parents about the common “do’s and don’ts” of strength training.  

The program will focus on: 

  • Proper form and technique
  • Proper frequency, duration, and resistance
  • Common injuries associated with strength training and guidelines for injury management

Recommended age: 7 and older

Thrower’s Exercises

The Young Athlete Center has developed a program of 20 throwing exercises designed to increase muscular strength and decrease injuries in throwing athletes. These exercises strengthen the key muscles used in pitching and throwing, focusing on the rotator cuff muscles, upper arm, and the muscles which control the shoulder blade. These simple exercises, based on the “Thrower’s Ten” workout model, will help athletes get in tip-top shape for softball and baseball season.

Recommended age: 8 and older

Children's Runner's 10

This interactive program is designed to help runners of all ages prepare for running and reduce the chance of injury.  Created and taught by expert physician therapists and athletic trainers from the Young Athlete Center, this program is made up of approximately 10 exercises specifically designed to help stretch or strengthen muscles that are activated during running.  This program is a great opportunity for running athletes to learn how to prevent common running injuries and become better athletes.

Recommended age: 7 and older


Request a Program

To request a program for your group complete the form below:

Event location
Minimum number of attendees: 15 

Your organization must meet the following criteria: 

• Programs should be requested at least four to six weeks in advance. 

• Registration for the program is required. Once a program date is confirmed, you will receive a registration information flyer to distribute to families. 

• Minimum enrollment is 15. Having fewer than 15 attendees registered two days before the program date will result in cancellation. 

• Programs are 45-60 minutes long, which includes time for questions and answers. 

• This will be an interactive program, so please have attendees wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. 

• You will provide one table for the presenter to display props and program specific information. 

• In the event the program is canceled, it is your responsibility to notify the registered participants.