Sugar doesn’t have to take over your child’s Halloween.

It’s hard for parents to keep the fun in Halloween and keep kids from eating too many sugary treats. Tara Todd, RD, LD, a registered pediatric dietitian at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, says there are ways to keep your little monsters and goblins happy (and healthy).

“Fill kids up with healthy food before they go trick-or-treating,” Todd says. “I’ve noticed if my kids are full before they enjoy Halloween activities, they won’t eat as many sweets.”

How to Stop a Sugar Attack
Plan ahead with healthy pre-party meals.

  • Breakfast: Fix a protein-filled breakfast with eggs and whole-wheat pancakes, for example.
  • Lunch: A pita pocket packed with nitrate-free, low-sodium turkey and veggies has both protein and fiber. Like protein, fiber helps kids feel full.
  • Dinner: Serve a filling dinner early in the evening. Baked chicken with sweet potato wedges and fresh green beans is a good option.

If your family is heading to a party for the evening, bring a healthy food option, like fruit kabobs.

“Just remember, if you and your family eat healthy meals all year long, one day of candy won’t be too bad,” Todd says. “It’s good to have a balance.”


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