Dr. HrachChristine Hrach, MD, has accepted a newly created position, medical director, inpatient general pediatric medicine. 

In this new role, Hrach will focus on enhancing care quality and safety for general medical patients on all SLCH patient units. She and Cynthia Brooks, RN, MSN, director, pediatric intensive care services, will collaborate with nursing leadership, educational leaders, and Unit Based Joint Practice Team leaders to develop:

  • Care pathways for general medical patients with common pediatric problems
  • Core educational expectations for Medical Students, Pediatric Residents, and Fellows
  • Quality and safety metrics
  • Strategies to enhance educational and clinical continuity
  • Consistent inter-unit communication and collaboration (for example, between the PICU and the general medical units). 

Hrach’s new role will complement her other role as assistant director, SLCH pediatric residency program. 

Jon Chiles, MD, will assume responsibility as Unit Based Joint Practice Team Co-Leader (with Kara Nichols, RN, 8 West manager) for both 8 East and 8 West.