Download Mower Safety Tips

Before you set out to tackle that overgrown front yard, make sure you know just how dangerous your lawn mower can be to your family’s youngest members.

With 9,000 young people under the age of 18 hurt by lawn mowers each year, your front yard might be more dangerous than you think. Injuries caused by lawn mowers can range from deep cuts to burns and dislocated fingers, and with one out of every five lawn mower fatalities involving a child, educating your children about proper safety habits is necessary for a healthy spring and summer.

Follow these tips to help keep your loved ones safe in your yard.

  • Riding lawn mowers should never be operated by children under 16 years of age, and push mowers should be operated by children over age 12.
  • Children should not ride as passengers on riding lawn mowers.
  • Young children should remain inside or at a safe distance while the lawn is being mowed.
  • Sturdy, closed-toe shoes should be worn while mowing, and the grass should never be mowed while it is wet.
  • Eye protection and long pants should be worn while mowing to protect against flying debris.
  • The fuel tank should never be filled while the mower is still hot.
  • An adult should always adjust blade settings and remove debris from under the mower.
  • Teach your teen how to operate the lawn mower and encourage him or her to read the owner’s manual.


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