Teen Life Council MembersThe St. Louis Children's Hospital Teen Life Council (TLC) is sponsored by the hospital's Child Life Department. The mission of the Teen Life Council is to make St. Louis Children’s Hospital a better place for teen patients by advising the hospital staff on issues important to teens, working to improve the activities available to teen patients, and planning events that will make the hospital a more enjoyable place for teens during their stay. 

What we do

  • Plan TLC sponsored activities for the Teen Lounge
  • Plan “Teen Take Out” events for teen inpatients
  • Plan “Teen Night” events for teen inpatients
  • Provide teen input into Strategic Initiatives for hospital administration
  • Develop new ways to expand council membership
  • Provide input on special events and resources offered to teen patients
  • Advise staff and administration on issues that impact teen patients
  • Plan and host Teen Prom for inpatients, watch our video from the first Teen Prom

When we meet

The Teen Life Council (TLC) holds scheduled meetings at St. Louis Children’s Hospital with food, games, music, activities, and a chance to socialize with others within this age group all working toward making St. Louis Children’s Hospital a better place for teens. We also meet for a team building outing and to host the annual Prom and teen night events. In order to stay up-to-date with current activities and requests for feedback, we have an e-mail group for the Teen Life Council (TLC). These communications serve the purpose for all council members and in particular, help those that would like to be involved but cannot commit to in person meetings due to location and/or other restrictions, to be included in the discussion.

Requirements for Membership

  • Members must be 12-21 years old 
  • Members can be current or past patients of St. Louis Children's Hospital
  • Members can be siblings or friends of St. Louis Children's Hospital patients 

How do I become a member?

Complete the Teen Life Council Application below.

For more information, contact [email protected]

Teen Life Council Application

In which areas of the hospital have you been seen? (Check all that apply)
How much time are you able to commit to the Teen Life Council? (Check all that apply)
How did you hear about our program: